G-Switch 22

The CENTURION G-SWITCH-22 GSM module gives you complete control at your fingertips. With the ability to open and close your gate and garage door, or switch devices on and off, and be sent SMS alerts – all via your phone – the G-SWITCH-22 lets you look after your home or business from just about anywhere.

Main features

  • Monitoring and alerting
    The G-SWITCH-22 GSM system looks after your property when you’re not around. It can be configured to monitor two separate electrical devices*, such as your home alarm or even a water reservoir. It will send you an SMS letting you know if your alarm is on or off or your reservoir is full or empty. The unit’s twin inputs can be configured to react rising edges, falling edges, or both, which makes it ideal for monitoring variable levels such as mains power. A single input can be used, for example, to send a notification to users when mains power has failed, and the same input can notify users once it comes back on, freeing up the other input to take care of monitoring duties for a different device.
    *Certain functionality may require additional interface devices such as relays, isolators, etc.
  • Control
    Forgot to switch on the alarm before you left home? Don’t turn the car around…Control your home – from your phone. Simply call the G-SWITCH-22 (free of charge) or send it an SMS. You can turn a seemingly endless list of electrical devices on and off just by using your cellphone and, using the Sticky Latch feature, latched outputs will ‘remember’ their states if power to the device is cycled ensuring that fickle power supplies will never leave you powerless.
  • Easy online setup
    The only thing easier than using this wondrous GSM device is setting it up. Our intuitive G-WEB website lets you configure, monitor and receive reports online. Alternatively, you can even set your G-SWITCH-22up with your cellphone.
  • G-WEB
    is a unique (and free!)1 offering from CENTURION that allows you to set up and monitor your G-SWITCH GSM devices via the Centurion Systems website. That means you don’t even have to waste precious time and petrol going to site – all G-SWITCH administration can be done from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Over-the-air updating of firmware
    With the price of fuel reaching insane new heights, the majority of us wish to conserve as much of it as possible. Thanks to the G-SWITCH’s over-the-air bootloading facility, you can update the device’s firmware from any PC or laptop with internet access, giving you time for life’s more important things…like designing a car that runs on water!
  • Adjustable Filter and Blanking Times
    While you’re saving all that petrol money by not having to go to site, why not extend your new cost-saving prowess to airtime, too? The Filter Time determines how long an input event (rising or falling edge) must be asserted before it is recognised, i.e. an SMS sent, while Blanking Time determines how long the unit will wait after an event before recognising the next event and sending a notification. Or use the built-in Event Counter to set up your G-SWITCH to only send an input notification SMS if the input event has occurred a certain (user-defined) number of times.
  • Do G-SWITCH your way
    Whether you want your SMS input notification to say “Gate Activated” or something more James Bond-sounding like “Perimeter Breached”, you can easily customise the message alerts using the G-WEB interface. With the simple click of a mouse, you can configure the outputs to respond to either a missed call or SMS, be pulsed or latching, and you can even set how many times a particular number is allowed to activate an output. Perfect for letting armed response companies in and out!
  • All-important security
    Besides being an admin dream, G-WEB is also great for surveillance and site monitoring. Detailed transaction logs tell you exactly when your G-SWITCH GSM modules were activated and by whom. You don’t have to be a super sleuth with G-WEB keeping tabs for you!
  • It’s oh so easy
    Using G-WEB, you are able to effortlessly add, edit and delete users, control all your G-SWITCH devices from a single user profile page and export transaction logs. Need to temporarily suspend access? It’s as easy as ticking a box and saying “You are the weakest link, goodbye!”. You get all this great functionality and convenience at no cost to you! And the best part? It’s password-protected so you don’t have to worry about those pesky hackers.
  • Memory
    The G-SWITCH-22 can remember and communicate with 1200 different users – making it perfect for either residential, commercial or even industrial applications.
  • Security
    Password protection means that no one else can control your G-SWITCH-22 GSM module. Passwords can be changed as often as necessary so your security is never compromised, and only numbers that have been learned into the G-SWITCH-22 are able to operate it.
  • Dependable access control for big events
    With the G-SWITCH’s brand new All Pass Mode feature, you can temporarily allow access to anyone in possession of the module’s mobile number. This is a very convenient solution for parties, corporate functions and other soirees since you don’t have to manually add and delete hundreds of users – the G-SWITCH will be your bouncer! Then, after the event, simply disable All Pass Mode and return the unit to full, ironclad security.
  • Battery voltage monitoring
    Avoid being left out in the cold with the G-SWITCH’s reliable battery monitoring facility. Your module will monitor its power source as closely as you monitor your daughter’s new boyfriend, and send you an SMS once the voltage falls too low.Your G-SWITCH-22 can:
  • Switch two different electrical devices on or off, monitor them and send you SMS status alerts
  •  Communicate with up to 1200 users
  • Activate devices via dropped call (free of charge) or SMS
  • Be configured quickly using our online G-WEB website, or from your phone
  • Remain secure with password protection