Perimeter Intrusion Solutions – Electric Fence

fencesIrrespective of the sophistication of your internal security system, your perimeter protection and detection remains the first line of defence. By including perimeter protection and detection measures in a security system you are conforming to layered defence approach, as recommended by many security experts.

We offer Perimeter protection in form of Electric fence – This system consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulse that provide shocks to an intruder. Tampering with the fence results in alarm activation, this will alert security personnel monitoring the environment. The fence comes in a wide range of configurations that can be installed as a stand – alone barrier or on existing perimeter walls.


• Prevent Criminal Intrusion
• In-built Alarm system
• All Weather
• Non-Lethal shock for criminals to be arrested
• It can be installed on your existing fence
• Battery Back-up