Your home, your casa, your pad. It’s not only where you hang your hat, it’s also where you keep everything that you love and care about: your family, your pets and your belongings.

You’ll do anything to keep your loved ones safe, from wrestling bears to fighting off gangs of marauders from a post-apocalyptic future. It needn’t be that complicated.

Here’s how:

1. Have one of CENTURION’s reliable, ultra-secure and feature-rich gate motors installed.
2. Up the security ante even further by fitting one of our tough electromagnetic locks.

Our locks are constructed from tough, weather-resistant stainless steel – making them ideal for outdoor use – and vastly improve the security of access points via secure locking with an armature plate. In addition, the native door monitoring facility will electronically notify co-installed access control equipment of distress conditions such as door forced and door left open, further increasing security.

Models are available for inward and outward opening gates with holding forces of 180kg and 600kg.

Main features

  • Weather? Bring it on.
    Our supremely hardy mag locks are very much at home el fresco, and will not only retain its attractive metallic sheen, but will remain structurally sound even in the harshest of atmospheric conditions. Even when installed at the coast, with the ocean’s stinging, salty breath perpetually blowing on it, you won’t see our mag locks succumb to corrosion.
  • Strength beyond strength
    Depending on the model, your CENTURION mag lock is able to withstand up to 600kg of applied force, together with your gate motor forming an ironclad barrier against criminal intrusion.
  • Easy to install
    The CENTURION mag lock comes with sturdy mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, so you too can have the ultimate in gate security without first having to wait for the planets to align or possessing a doctorate in engineering. Peace of mind is within your grasp!
  • Reliable door monitoring and feedback
    The native door monitoring facility (door sensor) provides normally-open, normally-closed and common contacts, and will feed the status of the door through to an external device such as an access control system, status LED, GSM module or alarm. If the normally-open connection is used, the output contacts create a short-circuit when the door is in the closed position, and will generate an output signal if the circuit is broken, i.e. the door opened. Conversely, if normally-closed is used a short-circuit is created when the door is opened. This is incredibly useful from a security perspective as it will notify users of distress conditions such as a door that has been forced or left open.

  • Versatile solution
    Models are available for swing gates and sliding gates in both right- and left-hand configurations.