barrGate & Shield Global Concept Limited is a company incorporated in Nigeria with vast experience in the area of automation, surveillance and physical /electronic access control. We specialize in designs and installation of convenience and security solutions to world-class standards. We are passionate professionals that strive to produce solutions to meet and surpass the expectations of our cherished customers. We pride ourselves as the first company in Nigeria with a fully functional Wrought Iron Manufacturing Factory, offering a wide range of Balusters and Accessories.

The solutions we implement are arrived at after proper evaluation and analysis of available options. We have an array of proven solutions that can be tailored made to meet your specific needs.

Our corporate approaches are as stated below:

  1. Risk and vulnerability assessment
  2. Design convenience and Security Policy and Plan
  3. Design bespoke Solutions
  4. Project Implementation
  5. Ongoing review and users training

We have very strong and cordial collaborations with world class manufactures thereby guarantying reliability, durability and dependability.
Our management team is passionate professionals who are customer and service delivery focused. Our staff are well trained and are equipped to deliver professional and superlative services to our clients.



In order to effectively manage our projects, we have put in place strong project management discipline which we enforce at all times to align work streams to the overall objective of the project as well as ensure that delivery of the required quality is achieved as at when due.

Our project management approach ensures that relevant project operating procedures are created and implemented in the first phase of site establishment. It provides the basic infrastructure and tools for planning, integrating, and controlling project from inception through conclusion. In addition, it also ensures that the client’s expectations are met within the approved scope, cost, and time.


We are constantly digging into new and improved ways of doing things to ensure that we are always in tune with global best practices. We train and re-train our staff and installers to be able to meet up with changes in our ever dynamic industry.