Lattice (Networked)

The Lattice proximity (RFID) access control system offers a really affordable and secure solution for tracking, controlling and monitoring the movement of staff and/or visitors in and out of premises.

It offers seamless expansion from a standalone 1000 tag reader (ZAPtags), all the way up to a fully fledged 32 reader network system with a sophisticated PC interface delivering advanced management and reporting capabilities.

By combining two readers, both directions of traffic flow can be controlled through up to 16 doors. Up to seven levels of anti-pass back can also be set up for each individual tag.

Each access control reader provides a potential-free output or secure link via the optional “SmartSwitch” interface module to activate either a door lock, gate motor, traffic barrier etc.

The “door sense” input on each reader will monitor whether the door has been left open or even forced, activating a local buzzer or triggering an third party alarm.

The readers are weatherproof with surface and flush-mount options.

Main features

  • 1000 tag memory
  • 13.56Mhz operating frequency
  • Start as stand alone and add up to 31 slave heads
  • Excellent read range
  • Easy programming of user tags, made possible by  three digit LED display
  • Selectively add and delete tags
  • Free-exit input
  • Alarm output for: Door open ; Door forced
  • Optional secure link (SmartSwitch II)
  • Anti-passback
  • Back-up memory module
  • Weatherproof reader (surface and flush mount)
  • Optional anti-knock shield for reader


The system, whether a stand-alone reader or network, can be further enhanced by adding a PC with LatticeWaresoftware. This software allows easy and intuitive management of the Lattice access control system. It is able to generate multiple access control reports, adds the ability of setting up of various timed functions in the system including: Event Logging, Time Barring, Timed Anti-Passback, and Time Lock.

Main features

  • Interface with the Lattice system at any stage
  • Complete and easy setup
  • Full management of the system
  • Multiple operating reports with export capability
  • LatticeWare accessible from any PC in a networked system