The TRAPEX barrier fence is a robust and effective barrier designed to prevent pedestrians from circumventing the SECTOR vehicle access control system. It’s tough, all-weather aluminium construction makes it suitable for coastal and inland applications.

The robust materials and clever industrial design ensures that the TRAPEX will perform day in and day out, relentlessly, for a very long time.

Main features

  • Easy to install
    The simple, yet effective design of the TRAPEX barrier fence allows you to pop-rivet the TRAPEXmodules into place onto the barrier pole which in turn lets the TRAPEX swivel freely and ensures extremely easy vertical alignment of the upright poles. The modular construction allows for the TRAPEX to be installed by a single technician, providing for a hassle-free installation and saving you time and money. The only thing easier than installing it is watching it work trouble free year upon year.
  • All-weather construction
    The powder-coated aluminium materials used to construct the TRAPEX allows you to install it just about anywhere.
  • Intelligent design
    are available in 1.5 metre modules making it easy to transport and even easier to install the length that you need. Modules can be assembled in 1.5, 3 and 4.5 metre lengths1. The all-terrain foot assembly and link arm carry the weight of the TRAPEX barrier fence resulting in superior reliability and reduced maintenance.
    1. Refer to Installation Considerations
  • It’s all in the box
    The TRAPEX are semi-assembled. They come in 1.5 metre modules and include a mounting kit consisting of the steering arm assembly, foot assembly and all of the fasteners, spacers and end caps you may require for a quick and easy installation.